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Since 2002, the bail bondsman at Alley Katz Bail Bonds has been raising the bar on getting people out from behind bars in Denton, TX and Wise County. Over the years, we've helped countless individuals secure bail bonds for everything from traffic violations to felony crimes. Our experienced bondsman is licensed to provide bail bonds service throughout the state, which means you can rely on us for city, county and state bonds.

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If you need fast, affordable bail bonds service in Denton, TX, Wise County or the surrounding area, turn to the experts at Alley Katz Bail Bonds. With nearly two decades of experience, we have what it takes to get your loved ones out of jail ASAP.

The benefits of choosing our experienced bail bondsman include:

Access to 24/7 service from one of the most experienced teams in the area

Complimentary information about warrants and bonds of all types and sizes

Over-the-phone payment options for more convenient service

Fast jail release for city, county and state crimes

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Concerned about the cost of bail bonds service? Our team serving Denton, TX and Wise County is known throughout the area for honest service and fair pricing. We have financing options available for bonds of all types. Short on cash? We're one of the only offices in the area that accepts credit for appearance bonds.

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